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Online order with AyaDolphin, you receive the following benefits:

Regular Savings - Save up to 50% on every free delivery order

Convenient Service – Free delivery

The Free delivery program is one of the many AyaDolphin benefits. It delivers free your favorite orders to your door at the frequency that works best for you. You can also reschedule or customize it at any time. It's a simple way to ensure you get the products you want when you want them. You can change or cancel your order anytime by contacting customer service at (646) 434 6399. 

Easy Customization – Change the order in your cart at any time

Get only the products you want, when you want them. It is completely flexible. Create a cart with as few as 50 U$ or as many as products you can. The choice is yours. You can also change the number of items in your cart anytime before we shipped. You customize your cart or call us at (646) 434 6399.

Guaranteed Satisfaction - on every shipment (minus shipping and handling)

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, just return the items within 14 days of receipt, and you'll get a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling), even if the containers are empty.

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Manage Your Order 24/7

Easily review your order, update Order details or shop online from any device.

Where can I find the list of Ingredients?

You can find a list of Product Ingredients on the individual product pages or click here to download a copy of our recipes Guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I get my order shipped to me?

After receiving your introductory, you may adjust your delivery to suit your individual. We will ship your orders every 30 minutes daily (designate area zip codes) if you don't change your order or shipment interval. It's entirely up to you. Call Us at (646) 434 6399 to manage your shipping or orders.

Can I add items to my next shipment?

Yes, you can add new products to your cart anytime, after receiving your orders. Simply shop for the product you want and select the "add to cart" button. The item will be included in your next shipment. If you want the product immediately, you can order using the "buy it now" button.

How do I return my products?

With our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee, the return process is straightforward. Simply return the product(s), even if empty, within 14 days of receipt, for a full refund of your purchase price (minus shipping and handling). Please include a copy of your invoice in the package and send it to the AyaDolphin email contact.

We suggest that you obtain a Certificate of Mailing from your post office and keep it for your records until your refund appears in your account. We will always do our best to process your return and issue your refund as quickly as possible. Once the returned products have been received in our system, we will credit your account for the price of the items returned. Refunds will be issued in the manner in which you originally paid (minus shipping and handling). Once received, please allow 7 business days to process your refund.

How can I change or cancel my order?

If your order has not shipped yet, you can make changes online by going to the "Customer Service" tab and selecting "Order Cancel". If you'd like to cancel any future orders, you can do so by contacting our email and accessing our online communication feature or you can call us at (646) 434 6399.

When will I see results with AyaDolphin?

AyaDolphin is designed to start working right away.

I can get free delivery every time?

No. The "Free same day Delivery" option applies only to our designate areas. This service is helpful if you run out of your products early. We will adjust delivery to accommodate your shipment, but our regular delivery will not change. Your next delivery date will be recalculated based on this buy now transaction.

How often can I get items delivered to me?

The standard shipping is 14 days for each cart. You may adjust this up or down to suit your usage. You're in control. You can change the cadence of your regularly-scheduled, regularly-shipments, as well as see exactly when your next shipment will be ready to start making its way to your door. 

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